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Apr 16, 2013 8:00am PDT
time? he would be okay, campbell, had he done one drop at a time. [laughter] or a little squirts, right? [laughter] the poor dude never know-- he never helped in that... he should have known. can you imagine him now as an angel? "i saw a big flash. and it's too late." it's too late, yeah. another thing too. when i was in boston, the very first job i ever had when i got out of high school was--i was an errand boy. and as an errand boy, one time, i remember it was at everett, mass, and there the mta goes up on the top. they call it the elevated. you've seen it in the movies, you guys, right? and all the trains going by-- and it turns out that all these fire engines and everything were all around. and i was wondering, "what's all the excitement?" and it turns out that, lo and behold, there's a guy in the top, an indigent, better a name than for bum. in the middle of the winter is a guy sitting on the third rail, drinking his wine with his feet on the second rail. and everyone is freaking and the guy is okay. do you be knowing why the guy is okay? maybe the sole of his shoes. let me
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1